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PawnOfSale is a custom designed solution developed in collaboration from The Trading Post, LLC in Marion, IN. The scope of the project was to design a software package that could handle all aspects of a small to medium-sized pawn shop.

Our goal from the outset was to make PawnOfSale scalable, platform agnostic (able to be run on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets regardless of operating system or manufacturer) and modular. Therefore, we developed it using PHP, JavaScript, and Twitter Bootstrap for the front-end and PostgreSQL for the back-end database.

In our early beta releases, we have successfully tested the system with 150,000 inventory items, 25,000 customers, and 50,000 loans on a low-end sever with 1 CPU core, 2GB of RAM, 25GB of hard drive space.

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The Documentation Project

Education is very important to us at The Slanted Shed. Therefore, we have assembled a site for code reference, Frequently Asked Questions, system setup guides and other useful information for our clients. We do this because we see our clients as more than customers buying our products and services but extended members of our team. By openly collaborating with our clients we feel that these business relationships will be strengthened and we will be better equipped to serve our clients!

CLICK HERE to visit The Slanted Shed Documentation Project.

Website Services

In an age with so many choices for devices and platforms, one option that allows us to provide solutions for a wider audience is the world wide web. Because our primary solutions utilize web-based systems, we also will come along beside you and provide your company with custom web solutions.

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