1953 Ford F-100 Custom

It’s my birthday, and I thought it high time I get a new truck! This is how it works when you’re male, in your 40s and have no money–your midlife crisis is “smaller”. This year, I picked up this 1/25 scale 1953 Ford F-100. I never really had much love for the 1950’s Fords until I build the ’53 Crestline Sunliner earlier this year. Then, I stood back, looked the finished project and realized how beautiful all that chrome was! They sure knew how to do chrome back in the day.

Truly, I would now love to have a 50’s or 60’s Ford or Chevy pickup truck as a project truck. Unlike today, you could work on them without having an electrical engineering degree. This one has been a truly delightful build that you can see here:

The Build:

(As of 10/28/2018, this build is not yet finished.)

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