1988 USA-1 Chevrolet Monster Truck

A few weeks ago, my boss was cleaning out some of the stuff at his house and ran across 4 models he never really started. One of them was this beauty, a 1988 USA-1 Chevrolet Monster Truck. As shown in the picture, the model was intended to be just like the real life USA-1 truck which I’ve found has had several different builds. However, I decided to go in a different direction. For this model, I decided on a gloss dark blue finish, a custom engine color and custom interior. I will also be creating my own decals along the lines of the Slanted Shed.

10/1/2018 Update:

This model has been finished. Unfortunately paint issues and financial concerns changed the direction of the model. I used Metallic Arctic Blue for the paint and installed the factory included decals. Photos from the process can be found below.

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This model turned into quite a mess for awhile and although I don’t feel that it’s my best work, I have finished it and left it as is. I wasn’t all that keen on the original white paint job (even though that’s how the actual truck looks). So, I originally started with a dark gloss blue. During the process though, my dark blue became light blue through a mislabeled paint bottle. That in turn ended up causing me to repaint this model 4 times. The final color shown is Arctic Blue Metallic.

Also, one of the stabilizers was missing when I received the model, so I had to make my own out of a sprue. I learned a lot of lessons along the way and the finished product definitely looks better from a distance!

IMG 0192
Aperture: 2
Camera: iPhone 6s Plus
Iso: 25
Orientation: 6
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