A “new” beginning

Today I embarked on a new quest that prayerfully will bring and end to this terrible journey. It’s not so adventurous as the search for Dread Pirate Roberts but for me it’s a huge step. Ever the skeptic, I rarely try any of the holistic or one cure fits all options presented to me. Basically, I have never found much relief in these remedies. So, today I signed up for a new program that offers some promise of recovery. Being new to the program, I’m not sure what I can share at this point, but as I continue in the program I will definitely share my results.

As any of my followers, readers or friends know, the last several months have been exhausting and draining. The latest leg of this migraine journey has taken its toll on me and my family. People are always sharing things they’ve tried but these things rarely work for me. However, as we’ve researched alternative treatments, causes, triggers, etc it’s clear that now is the time for action.

For over 20 years, I have thrown every medication I could get my hands on at these migraines. As a result, my kidneys and liver have been impaired and my general health has deteriorated. So, it is now time that I will be going through a complete detox to flush all of that “crap” out of my system. Throughout and after the detox, we will concentrate on getting good stuff back into me–nutrients, probiotics, etc. I don’t know that any of this will actually eliminate my migraines and it very well may not, but anything is worth trying.

All of the medications I have tried have adverse side effects of their own. Added on top of each other only compounds the issues. I often find myself wondering what they did in the “old days”, but then I remember that used to bleed patients back then. Still, what did they do? How did they live? I don’t know, but it sure wasn’t by throwing Imitrex and anti-seizure meds at them.  Add that to the poor diet we have now it’s no wonder that diseases seem to be getting worse rather than better with medical “advances”.

My goal now is to strip all of that away. Get back to what God put in me to begin with and then see where we need to go.  How many of my migraines are “rebound”? How much of the pain is genuine and how much is a result of pain “relievers”? Over the next several months, I plan to find out and you can read about it all right here!

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