Ablation week three

I am currently in middle of post-radiofrequency ablation week three. It was just over two weeks ago that I had the RFA on C2-C5 and am noticing some change.

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Week three comes with a slight decrease in pain in the neck. I am still experiencing the same 20-25% decrease in sensation in that area of my neck. The “sunburn effect” still lingers in the neck and shoulders and is the most troublesome side effect. I call it the “sunburn effect” because it feels exactly like that—a sunburn. When I move my neck or rub my hands along the neck, it feels just like a sunburn would feel. As a result, I have this nagging feeling that I need to shave my neck, cut my hair or constantly apply lotion to relief the “pain”. It doesn’t hurt persay, like a sunburn would, rather it feels like a troublesome skin irritation. It’s just a small price I’d gladly pay for fewer migraines.

After the first week, I have only had one severe migraine—while I have non-stop minor pain. The good news is that even though I am still having the headaches, I have only had to take medicine twice since the procedure. One thing that has not changed is the pain in my neck when I turn my head to the left—that is still there. However, the pain is not as bad as it was before the procedure.

I am still not getting discouraged because I did not expected it to be a quick fix. Post-ablation week three was never to be the “magic week”. In 3 weeks, if these symptoms persist, it will be cause for concern. In the meantime, I am taking one day at a time. I really don’t know what to expect in 3 more weeks either way. The pain may or may not come back. The doctor may determine that the procedure wasn’t 100% successful. It’s still too early to tell–and we’ll deal with whatever happens when it happens. Whatever the outcome, I will continue to post updates here.

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