This endeavor–The Slanted Shed–represents 45 years of life by myself, Scott Haines. In Indiana though, it is also registered as a “dbo” with me as the owner. So, on this site, you find nearly everything that interests me including:


I have devoted my life to service–in my community, to my family and friends, and for my church. Over the years, this service has taken many different forms from volunteer activities to paid work supporting small businesses. On this site, you’ll find more of the small business activities but even those were born out of a desire to help others. For more information about the products and or services I provide, Click Here.


I grew up in a family where money was always tight and my adult life has followed that pattern as well. I’ve had great jobs, but “left money on the table” for personal reasons like spending more time with family and being close to home to name a few. So, I have learned how to do many things on my own to be able to provide for my family. In the DIY space, you’ll find remodeling projects around our house, car repair, pet products, landscaping and many more topics.


Life is hard and mine has been no exception. Rather than letting life get me down, I choose to see the humor or focus on the positive in every situation. I also have an interest in writing and an “odd” sense of humor, so you can find the “story of my life” in the Stories category.


I am a life-long learner. I love a challenge and set out to learn something new every day. Beyond that though, I believe in passing along my knowledge. That’s the main philosophy around this site and my small business. While I may be getting paid for my knowledge, I always try to pass on as much knowledge as possible to my friends, family, colleagues and clients.

…and much more

Finally, you’ll find select pictures, hobbies and other personal interests of mine.

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