Creating a quality product starts with a quality team. Without the contributions of the following people, our products and our company would NOT exist to service yours.

The following individuals and/or organizations are not tied directly to The Slanted Shed as employees but their contributions have been invaluable just the same!

Dan Rickner

DBA - ERPawn v.1

Dan is an IT guy all around. He lives, eats and sleeps technology. As such, if you want to find Dan, look for a computer, phone, or soundboard and you'll find him not far away. You won't find him on social media though, so you've got your work cut out for you!

Dylan Stai

Dylan Stai

Intern - Interface

Dylan came to us as an unpaid intern from Indiana Weslyan University. In the beginning, we were pushing the envelope of what all of us knew and he became our primary researcher for methodology, JavaScript functions and other enhancements.

Tim Ours

Intern - "Goodies"

Tim's what we like to call our "Goodies" guy. When he came to us first as an intern, and then a client-sponsored employee, PawnOfSale was still very vanilla. Tim put the BANG and the WAPOW in it!

God Bless Roo

Freelance Illustrator
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