COVID-19 Announcement

I have been hesitant to offer assistance due to my very full schedule. However, I also know that the current public health crisis is hurting many local businesses. Therefore, I’d like to offer any assistance I can.

How can The Slanted Shed help?

  1. Load your inventory to a web shopping cart

    I have been working on several products besides PawnOfSale to load a vendor’s warehouse inventory to an online shopping cart software. The first are OpenCart APIs for The Wholesale House and Bill Hicks & Co. but are very similar in function.

  2. Setup your website

    If you don’t have inventory that you can load online, perhaps an online presence will help you keep your business going. (ie: restaurants needing to put your menu online, etc)

  3. Internal Technology Needs

How much?

None of us knows how long this will go on and many of us are living paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, I can’t offer my services for free because I’m feeling the pinch too. However, I’m not trying to price gouge the public to make a quick buck.

Contact me HERE and we’ll see what we can do. Between this business and my full-time job at Taylor University, I stay pretty busy. Maybe you need to ask a few questions or you are desperate for some assistance. In either case, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

NOTE: I’m not opposed to bartering either. If you provide a product or service that I could use, I’m willing to “trade time” for goods or other services.

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