Donut holes have no calories

Factoid of the Day: Donut holes have no calories. I know, I was shocked too, but apparently it’s a fact.

NOTE: These statements have not been endorsed by the FDA, CIA or the Clinton campaign and may not be recognized as fact by mainstream media.

Understandably, many of you will be skeptical–I was too until I learned it from the lead scientist!

The Study

In high school, I fried donuts for the local gas station/convenience store. Little did I know when I took the job that I would be assisting in a scientific study. Even in small town America, we had people of all walks of life coming in at all hours of the night. Our store was one of the few places open in town, so it was frequented by police, fire, homeless, etc.

For several weeks, this nice lady would come in about six a.m. for her morning coffee. She was typically dressed in running attire and looked to be in her early to mid-30s. Six a.m. was when my last batch of donuts went into the display case, so the building always smelled of fresh donuts! Every day that she came in, I tried–unsuccessfully–to sell her some fresh donuts.

“I have to watch my figure”, she always said. So, the routine continued. Always the coffee, nothing more.

The Results

Finally, one day she came in and the owner John was in the store. I once again tried–unsuccessfully–to convince her to buy a donut too. Then John interjected and explained, “Ma’am, I see that you’re a runner and trying to stay healthy. However, what most people don’t know is that the donut holes here don’t have any calories in them. You see, the donut holes are removed from the donut before processing and as you can also see, they are round. Therefore, during the frying process, the fat and calories roll off the top.”

“Oh,” she said, “Then in that case, give me 3 dozen–they look and smell so good”.


So, for those of you out there dieting or working yourself to the bone trying to lose weight, remember: Donut holes have no calories! From then on, that lady came in every day and bought a dozen donut holes. She definitely looked happier for it and I have carried that information with me throughout my adult life!


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