F-16A/C Fighting Falcon

My favorite aircraft of all time is the F-16. I think it started around the time Iron Eagle came out in the mid-1980’s. While I enjoyed Top Gun for many of the same reasons, the F-16 is a sleeker, more maneuverable aircraft. The United States Air Force has been trying to replace the F-16 for years. First was the F-22 Raptor and then the F-35 Lightning. Every time a possible replacement comes out, the F-16 gets another upgrade. These upgrades have kept the F-16 competitive with all of these replacements. It is a small fighter but has many versatile armament and configuration options. Its maneuverability also has remained competitive to these new fighters.

After working on the Super Hornet, I decided that I had to have an F-16. This build has been one of my fastest and most enjoyable. I still love the sleek profile of this capable little fighter.

Build Pictures

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