Why was it necessary to write yet another software package for pawn brokers? Isn’t there something out there that they all use?

Sure, there are many other software solutions out there. Unfortunately, for our financial backer and first client, none of these solutions completely fulfilled the needs of his business. Furthermore, the solutions that are available are expensive and follow strict hardware/software requirements.
PawnOfSale was developed using proven software in PostgreSQL, PHP and JavaScript running on proven and secure servers such as Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) distributions such as CentOS and Ubuntu or even Microsoft Windows Server. This allows our software to run on any web-enabled device and allows the customer to choose their environment (Self-hosted internal servers, cloud-hosting, and even on a local workstation).

What are the System Requirements for PawnOfSale?

Check out our System Requirements page for detailed information. Simply put though, our software has been built and tested on a server with 1 CPU core and 2 GB of RAM and a 20 GB hard drive. (This server ran with 20,000 customers, 200,000 item records and an audit trail of 19 million records with no visible lag)

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