Pancho and Lefty

As with all legends, you might think this is a story that began a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. You’d be wrong! You might also think that this is a song by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. You’d be wrong again! No, this is a story of two friends’ struggle against tyranny and oppression.

A story–that’s it, a story…

It happened just down the road from here in small town that died years ago. This story begins when members of an evil crime syndicate calling themselves MayTay kidnapped a helpless Computer Interface Specialist, named Lefty, for a ransom. No one really knows why poor Lefty was targeted. The ransom though was to be a quantity of the street drug called “Taco” by local gangs.

A Legend is made

Unknown to MayTay though, Lefty’s best friend was a super hero called Pancho! Pancho’s power was the ability to devour “Tacos” and neutralize the harmful effects of the drug. Little is known about the story except stories passed down through the ages in the form of folk tales.

What we DO know though is that at some point, Lefty escaped and went on the run with Pancho. A few relics of the photo record exist, however, and we know that Pancho and Lefty remained on the run for years! During their years underground they sent covert messages to their would be captors:

The End?

Archaeologists and researchers are still looking for the rest of the story. Until we have that end, rumors will abound and the legend grow!

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