Pets and Pet Care

Ft. Bragg soldier who drowned puppy must carry photo of dog, judge rules

In our home, we’re passionate about pets and pet care. This particular story appalled me. It details how a soldier tied up his 8-month old lab mix and tossed it into a river. He said that he had done this because the dog had run away several times. He also couldn’t afford to care for the animal after it had gotten hurt.

I just don’t see how people can do this to their animals. This morning, every time I took a step, I tripped over Buddy. He was close enough that I was always within arms reach of the top of his head. A good pat on the head always reassures him that we’re there. When I sat down to put on my shoes, he was right in front of me. This is usually when he paws me or lays down between my legs.

I read a story a few weeks ago in which an animal “expert” said that dogs didn’t like to be hugged because that closeness made them uncomfortable. My dogs have all been completely the opposite. They all want to nuzzle into my chest every time I knelt down to pet or hug them. In fact, my border collie Baby liked to rest her muzzle on my shoulder next to my ear. Buddy just likes to lay on me, and Duke was fond of just lying next to me on the floor.

Just like us, all dogs (and cats) are different, but they really look to us to care for them, so if you can’t “afford” their care, or get angry by their behavior, then maybe you don’t need an animal. There’s certainly enough of us out there that are willing to take care of them so you don’t have to!

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