Plexus Nerve

!!!Before Plexus Nerve
For years, I have struggled with RLS (”Restless Leg Syndrome). ”In recent years—and as my migraines worsened—my RLS has become nearly uncontrollable. I have spent hour upon hour walking circles in the living room, tossing and turning in bed and performing all remedies I could find–to no avail. (”For more info on my struggle with RLS, read here)”

When I was introduced to Plexus, I looked at all of the products and this one intrigued me. Always the skeptic though, I doubted it could work. Both medications I had tried for this condition offered some comfort but not all-day comfort. With these medications, I found that I still had to get up and walk frequently during the day for relief. Sitting through a service in church was still nearly impossible. Worse still–having my leg in a walking boot or cast was excruciating!

!!!Immediate results
From the very first day I took Plexus I noticed a difference. That first evening, I watched a movie with no discomfort. No need to stand or walk. (”I was still skeptical because that first day I was very active outside–the one thing that relieves RLS) ”However, the benefits become more evident every day!

Now, I never feel the restlessness creep in. No more walking across campus several times a day for comfort–I now do it for the exercise I need. Sitting through church is. I longer a chore! And, with my most recent injury, there is no discomfort from immobilizing the leg. (”No, I did not hit myself with a hammer just to test Nerve!)”

!!!Going forward
Due to the nature of the drugs, I don’t dare stop them immediately, I have begun titrating myself off of it. Many people point out the negative reviews of Plexus to me but I can’t ignore the results in my life. My quality of life has already significantly improved with Plexus.

If you want to compare apples to apples, then look at the side effects of the dopamine agonists (”such as Requip that I currently take)” to Plexus ingredients. I will take the trade any day!

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