Scream it from the mountains

Scream it from the mountains. That’s what I told my sponsor/ambassador, just 2 months ago when I decided to try [|Plexus]. I told her that if Plexus worked for me, I would gladly scream from the mountains how it has helped me. So, that’s what I’m doing now.

!!!Where I was
To understand why I now am a believer in Plexus, let me summarize where I was and have been. If you aren’t a follower of this blog, you wouldn’t know that I’m a chronic migraine sufferer. I’ve had them for 20+ years. Approximately 10 years ago, I had a year where I had 150+ migraines/migraine days in that single year. (”A migraine day is a day when you are in one of the three phases of migraine; prodrome—before;aura—physiological changes;headache—pain;and postdrome—recovery.) ”I then started seeing a new neurologist who put me on a preventative—Topamax. Topamax was a life saver because, while on it, I only experienced 15-30 migraines a year—but still too many.

Eventually, Topamax built up in my system and my body no longer responded and in 2014, I had 300+ migraines/migraine days. That year is a blur to me because only had a few days a month without pain. Since 2014, I’ve tried 4 more prescription preventatives, natural supplements, dietary changes, etc. Nothing worked. Finally, the doctor started me on Botox injections every 3 months and my migraines decreased to 30-50 a year with some headache pain every day. I had resigned myself to living in pain but was having trouble tolerating it. I had hit a breaking point.

During the last few years, I’ve very openly shared my journey and struggles. Many people like to keep things private, but I believe in sharing with the community. One person’s struggle could lead to another’s salvation. So, I started blogging and social networking. In March of 2017, I was approached by two friends regarding Plexus and Thrive. Both touted similar stories, but I decided to try Plexus. Mind you, this was a huge step for us because of the monthly investment, but quality of life was now paramount to money.

I’ve always been a skeptic because nothing ever worked. Not Tahitian Noni. Not Shaklee. Nothing. However, it was now or never so I jumped in. Understand, I did not embark on this journey to make money—I just wanted to feel better—but if something helps me, then it MUST be able to help someone else. Looking through their catalog, I decided to start slow. I started on [|TriPlex ]as recommended. After a month, I started [|Nerve]. Like I said, I was skeptical. Why would this work when nothing else had?

Then it happened. During my second week on TriPlex, I woke up with absolutely no neck pain. (”[|see my post on Cervicogenic Headaches]”) This was the first time in over a year with no neck pain. Ever the skeptic though, I still wasn’t convinced. Sure enough, that was 6 weeks ago and the pain has NOT returned. For the first time in years, I’ve been able to turn my head to the left with no pain and the cervicogenic headaches are gone!

This was such a great benefit that I then started wondering what was next. In that first month, I had 2 migraines, about 2 weeks apart. So, ok, I could live with 2 migraines a month–I’d done it before. Only it didn’t stop there. It’s now been over a month since I had a migraine and better yet, almost no head pain in that same time. Before Plexus, even on days without migraines, my head ALWAYS hurt. There was always a dull ache that never left. Now, I don’t even have that.

!!!Is Plexus for you?
Is Plexus for you? I can’t answer that. I’m not a doctor and Plexus has not been approved by the FDA to treat any condition. All I can tell you is how my life was before Plexus and how it is now. I feel like Plexus has started to give me my life back. Are you to the point that it’s worth a try? Just [|contact me] and we’ll chat.

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