Scott Haines
Goodies Guru

An "atypical" tech guy to say the least. Scott doesn't like software development, but has a knack for it. He is much more customer focused than your run-of-the-mill tech guy. Therefore, he is the one most likely to work with the you the customer on new features, visualizations, etc. You tell him what you want, and he'll go to the developers to make it happen.

Dan Rickner
Data Genius

Your typical DB guy! Dan will SELECT the features that he can implement and DROP those that he cannot. No to worry though, there will be an OPENQUERY to get his deliverables as close to your requirements as possible. He eats, sleeps and lives database and strives to always provide the most efficient and secure data as possible!

Sara Haines
Happiness Engineer

Dan and Scott are brothers–by marriage. Sara (sister to Dan and wife to Scott) is the glue that binds them together. When Dan’s gruff db-tude rears its ugly head and bites off Scott’s creative vision, Sara rushes in to restore order. Sara also is the only non-technical member of the team that knows how the customer thinks and communicates those requirements to the technical team.

Timothy Ours
Master of all “Other duties as assigned”

In short, Tim is the intern–at least he WAS the intern. He came on board near the end of alpha release development as an intern to add that WOW factor through JavaScript transitions, overlays, etc. We have convinced him to stay on awhile longer to help us polish the product, fetch Dan’s water and keep Scott’s caffeine IV flowing smoothly.