The journey continued…

Following up on my first post, after Mike made it through that first year we thought the journey was over…we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Mike was always underweight and the year-long fight when he was 10 didn’t help. However, this did not stop him from a relatively normal life. I say relatively because the chemotherapy irreparably damaged several of his body’s systems. He couldn’t go out in the sun without heavy layers of sun block. The chemo damaged his tooth enamel. After surgery, his colon was about 18″ shorter than normal. This made digestion more difficult. Most noticeable though, he was very frail.

Like I said, this never held him back. During his pre-teen and teen years he developed a love of working on computers (he ALWAYS liked taking things apart to see how they worked). 

One thing I remember about Mike throughout his life was that he always had a smile on his face. Despite all of these obstacles, he always seemed happy. He often told us: “My time here has been decided by God. When he takes me home, I am ready, until that time, I will cherish life”. That’s how he lived his life–happy for every day and every hour the Lord gave him here.

Nine years. That is the magic number for someone with cancer. Nine years in remission (or cancer free) translates to “cured”. Unfortunately, he never made it to nine years–though that was always his goal. He was (re)diagnosed at 11, 18, 21 and 23.

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