The Joy of Living

When I received my “Lighten Up Monday” email from the Ken Davis mailing list. Most weeks, these emails get deleted because I just “don’t have time”. (That’ll be something I discuss in another post at a later date.) Yesterday was different–because I’m trying to re-prioritize my life–and I opened the email and watched the short little episode. After watching the clip, I did a quick search for more of his videos and found one he gave to high school students.

Finding Joy in all Things

I don’t specifically remember what the whole show was about but what I do remember is his message of joy and laughter. He shared a few stories from his life and talked about finding the humor in those events. That’s what I have wanted to do here (failing often). If you’ve read or followed me, I’m sure you know how I find my joy–through humor. If you haven’t read or followed me, then read on (either in this post, or do some exploring)

Through the years, I’ve been asked how I have been able to go through some the things I’ve experienced and laugh at them, or to keep a positive attitude. Simply put: I don’t always. Frankly, pain hurts (A LOT sometimes). People don’t often see me when that pain is hurting–rather afterwards as I’ve accepted it, am coping and am picturing it from the perspective of an onlooker.

A Different Stance

Like I said earlier, pain hurts! Every broken bone, every torn tissue, every surgery brings a new kind of pain. Even though I have broken 13 bones, had 2 surgeries on my right knee, reconstructive ankle surgery and reconstructive finger surgery, I really do fear pain! (Duh! right?) The thing that keeps me going with a positive attitude is my warped mind and different take on things.

If my life was a movie, there would be as much or more comedy as heartache and loss. For example, if I was in a theater watching a story about a guy that had cut off a finger on a toilet, hit himself in the leg with a hammer, broke a thumb baking bread, broken the other thumb playing with a dog (while sitting in a chair in cast recovering from surgery), broke an ankle (or two) stepping off a front porch, I’d be laughing–much as you would!

I once heard a comedian say something like “God MUST have a sense of humor, just look in the mirror!” Well, much as Ken Davis said, just imagine God up in Heaven watching our lives. “Hey Gabriel, come here and see this! I knew it was going to be funny when I ordained it, but man, it’s even funnier seeing it!”

The Aftermath

I’m not trying to regurgitate everything Ken Davis said in that video, but it’s how I live life (or try to). For those who wonder how I do it, it’s as much a struggle for me as your struggle is for you. When I went in for my second knee surgery, I was absolutely terrified and only calmed down after she prayed over me. 4 months ago when I went in for an even more invasive surgery on the ankle, I was fine. Not because I was ready for the pain or even wanted it, but because I knew I’d be OK and get through it.

So, I just try to manage as best I can and keep a positive outlook. Those of you that know me, know that between from around January 2014 until March of 2017, I wasn’t ME. Those three years were the hardest of my life–trying to deal with daily migraines while carrying on with life. Today, I honestly don’t remember much of those three years–and I feel like I lost 3 years of my life. However, on the back side of those 3 years, I can tell you that the Lord brought me through it, I’m stronger and a bit more “off” than before. If I sat around crying about those lost 3 years for the next 10, then all I’ve done is lost 10 more years of life. Instead, I (you) pick up the pieces, heal as best you can and move on to the next obstacle.

In the meantime, try to wrap your head around that whole “breaking a thumb while baking” thing and SMILE!

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