Time flies

Time is a funny thing. When you’re 10, an hour feels like a week. At 40, that same hour seems like mere minutes. It’s all about perspective really, to a 10 year old, an hour is a larger fraction of time in relation to the time you’ve been alive. I’m not really telling any of you something new, but I was thinking again this morning. (Thinking quite often gets me into trouble, but not today I hope.)

Tomorrow, we move my little girl (Abby) into the dorms at Taylor University for her freshman year. That mean’s that tonight will be her last night in our house for awhile. Again, not telling any of you something new, but it’s a bittersweet time. I’m proud of who she has become despite any failings I’ve (we’ve) had as a parent(s). I’m excited to see who she will become, but I look back to the last 18+ years and wonder where the time went.

The Early Years

It feels like only yesterday that it was just the two of us muddling through and trying to take care of each other. Those years when my little 3, 4, 6 year old was helping me remodel the house. (Unfortunately she was too small for the hammer and when she tried to nail a piece of drywall–to the floor at that–she smashed her little thumb) All the strange color “mis”matched clothes she got to wear because her colorblind dad couldn’t see them. Despite that first 6-7 years when it was just the two of us, she has flourished. Thankfully when she was 7 she got a new mom that could dress her properly, braid her hair, help her with her nails, and help her become a woman! We’d be sending an entirely different Abby into the world if not for that. 🙂

And now…

Over the last 10 years we’ve watched her grow from the tomboy that I raised, to a beautiful young lady. We’ve witnessed her artistic abilities grow immensely and are excited to see how she uses those abilities to help others. To do that though we have to send her out. Thankfully, I’ll be on the other side of campus so I can “watch” her, and she’s still close enough to home that we can make her come home on Wednesdays to empty the dishwasher. But, we’ll still miss her.

Looking forward

This is just another one of those seasons as given to us in Ecclesiastes. Again, bittersweet, but something we must all experience and do the best we can to keep on keepin’ on. Where will she or any of our kids go? The only one that knows that is our Lord and Savior. With 2 girls now in college on the paths to become a historian and art therapist, we now must allow them to go their own way–with gentle nudges here and there to keep them from repeating OUR mistakes.

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