Treatment worse than the condition

Today, like so many others, I was experienced treatment worse than the condition. This is yet another reason that I started Plexus yesterday.

It started as a typical Sunday morning with us getting up and heading out to church. Shortly after arriving, I noticed that I was having some visual difficulties. Everything looked much more vivid and full of color which normally wouldn’t be a bad thing. However, after a few minutes, I realized that just around the periphery, things seemed “muddy”. An aural migraine.

These types of headaches for me don’t begin with pain—that comes much later. After Sunday school, Sara brought me home to medication and sleep. Because I got to the headache fairly quickly, the migraine really didn’t affect me much. Unfortunately, it is now 6 hours later and the side effects of the Imitrex have yet to wear off. (”Joint pain, muscle pain, light-headedness, etc) ”This is my life over the last 4 years—and why I avoid taking my medication unless absolutely necessary. As migraine suffer will agree, Migraines suck! Regardless, the treatments are often as bad or worse than the headaches.

Yesterday, I started Plexus. I don’t know if it’ll be that “magic” cure and very likely it won’t fix all my ills. What Plexus WILL do, however is help me reboot my system. The combination of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, triptans , narcotics etc have wreaked havoc on my gut this last 20 years. Plexus promises to flush out all of the bad and restore the equilibrium of bacteria in my gut.

So, here’s to feeling better!

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