United on the Essentials

How much better would the world be if we could live this out? Believers and unbelievers alike! Despite what you believe, we really are all in this together. As Christians, we all have a shared command–a unified commission from God. From the Athiest point of view, you believe that there is no God, surely you must believe that you’re NOT in this world alone–that on SOME level you must live and work in harmony with at least one other person to make it work?

I’ve done a LOT of thinking about the strife in the world this year. As a white guy, I found myself getting offended by the BLM rhetoric. The rhetoric offends me because I truly do NOT understand racism. I don’t understand how ANYONE could force another into slavery or murder them and I absolutely will NEVER understand the Holocaust.

Two of my favorite people (besides my lovely wife Sara and my kids of course) are Gre S Dyson and Karan Hurt. They have different colored skin than me and I KNOW they have experienced far different lives than me. When I look at them, I see a brother and sister! Gre and I share many of the same interests and beliefs, despite very different background but we are joined by a common bond in Christ! Karan, is just as crazy as I am–maybe crazier.

I’m not here with answers because the only answer I can give starts with one person: ME! It starts with me suppressing the sinful nature that I have inside of me and looking at my fellow man as Christ looks at them–and loving them for that one reason. I’m also not here saying that I’m a winner at that either–I fail all the time at that! But I’m working on it!

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