Vacation Testimony

It has taken me a few weeks to get around to writing down our vacation testimony. However, it is an important story to tell. On our most recent trip to New Hampshire, we learned a very important lesson about God’s wondrous power in our lives, the blessings of great friends, and the importance of being a witness to those in need of His message.

On Saturday, June 12, 2010, our family packed up in our Mercury Mountaineer for what was planned to be a non-stop 15-hour drive from our home in Marion to Sara’s family in Londonderry, New Hampshire. About four hours into the trip in Seville, Ohio we stopped at a rest area and to switch drivers. (Sara and the girls had been sleeping while I drove, so it was time for me to sleep for a bit) It was at this time that we noticed that there was oil all over the back of the truck and in the the wheels on the driver’s side of the truck but we just thought we had driven through something. When we returned to the Interstate, we realized that there was a high-pitched squeal coming from the front of the truck, so we pulled off at the next exit and proceeded to inspect the truck. At that time we also noticed what smelled like burnt transmission fluid.

So, we immediately called Andy Rickner who thought it sounded like a ruptured transmission coolant line so we asked for a local mechanic and were directed to Bobby Y’s Truck and Auto Service just down the street. Unfortunately he wasn’t home but after calling his cell phone, he called his girlfriend came out and helped us find someone that could diagnose the problem. About an hour later we determined that the pivot seal on the front differential had ruptured and the front differential was most likely severely damaged so we returned to Bob’s shop.

This is where our testimony truly begins! Bob and his girlfriend (Michelle “Shell”) took us into their home for 10 hours on Saturday and allowed our children play with their grandkid’s toys, watch their TV, and play on their computer while we waited for the other blessings that I’m about to tell you about to play out. While we were diagnosing the problem with the truck, our good friend Don found out that we were having problems and volunteered to drive our other truck out to Seville so that we could continue our vacation. Since he could not find a “chase” driver, he towed our other vehicle behind our truck and drove it home. (Note: Don drove 8 hours voluntarily for us so that we could continue our vacation). While we waited for out other vehicle to arrive, we visited with Bob and “Shell”, and ate with them as they even prepared dinner for us! Also while we waited for our vehicle to arrive, another of our friends reserved us a hotel room in Pennsylvania so that we would have a comfortable bed halfway between Seville and New Hampshire once we did get back on the road. Finally, we also immediately had to deal with the question of “How do we pay for this repair?” But once again, our Lord intervened through the hearts of our friends and business associates that helped us make arrangements to make the payment to Bob on a Saturday for these repairs.

As a family, this was not the way we would have wanted to start our vacation, but having gone through it, we would have not had it end in any other way because we feel like we have gained two new friends (Bob and Shell), we have learned again how truly we blessed we are with the friends we do have, and we have been reminded that no matter how bad things seem, our Lord and Savior is always with us and has the power to make things right.

As a reminder of just how much He was at work in this entire situation: After our repairs were finished, Bob informed us that had we driven just 5-10 minutes further, the entire front-end would have likely been destroyed when the front driveshaft would have seized up and destroyed the transfer case and rest of the front drivetrain. While we were waiting (4 hours) for Bob to return to his shop from a charity golf outing, we were told by no less than 4 other repair shops/mechanics, “We don’t have time for you.” or “We’re sorry about your emergency, but we can’t help you”. If we had broken down in any other town, we truly would have been stranded! It was truly His will that we were to be in Seville, Ohio for 10 hours on June 12, 2010. It is our prayer, that in just that short period of time, we made as much of an impression on Bob and Shell and set a Godly example for them as they made a difference to us!

God Bless all of you! And if you happen to be passing through Seville, Ohio and are in the need of a mechanic, look up Bobby Y’s! 🙂

Scott, Sara, Taylor, Abby, & Sierra

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