Who Are we

Slanted Shed Technologies came to be in the fall of 2016 when a family friend asked us if we could develop a point-of-sale system for his pawn shop. At that time, we expected a 6-9 month project that would bring us a little extra money. As things turned out, it has now developed into a small LLC focused on providing reliable, intuitive systems for small business.

Our Evolution

Early on in the development of our flagship project (aimed at the pawn industry), we realized that this would be a multi-year project and as of the fall of 2018, we’ve had 2 interns (one of which is employed for us for the next year) many different versions and expanded plans for the future.

Our mission/philosophy

We’ve also learned that there are many industries that are poorly supported in this modern computing world. While there are many “canned” products that serve some of the needs, there are none that provide for all needs. So, we have committed ourselves to developing effective, secure, all-in-one solutions for small business.

Small business owners aren’t necessarily going to be tech-savvy and we feel that they also should not have to devote vast resources (monetary and/or time) to software solutions to support their primary business. That’s where we come in!  With a combined 40+ years experience customer service, technology services and development, we can analyze your business requirements and develop solutions to support your small, medium or large business.